1 Promenade de la Vézère - 24620 LES EYZIES DE TAYAC

Our Canoes and kayaks

To best accommodate and adapt to the requests of our clients, we ensure the availability of a wide variety of canoes. In addition to the canoe rental, we provide the various safety equipment necessary for a perfectly safe adventure.

The various types of canoes available

We offer a numerous and diverse range of canoes to ensure the ultimate personalized experience. With this in mind, we can accommodate various groups providing solo canoes (adult) up to canoes for approximately 4 people.

Our inventory :

  • Two different types of solo kayak (1 person kayak)
  • Two types of tandem kayak (2 person kayak)
  • A type of canoe for 2 or 3 people or even 4 with 2 adults and 2 small children !! (equipped with backrests)

The different types of canoes and kayaks that we offer are adaptable according to the profile of the user or users. The tandem canoes and the 3 to 4-seater canoes can hold both adults and children. We also provide life jackets and a waterproof container for personal items.

We take care of everything

In an effort to ensure the best possible experience, we provide highly reputable and reliable quality gear that undergoes regular maintenance. For your relaxation during this unique experience, we arrange the minibus ride and insurance coverage for you.

where to find us ?

1 Promenade de la Vézère